AVANT PR: Simple 2 colour text logo as requested by the client
Simply Scrumptious: The cake was so tasty, all thats left is the crumbs!
Bumble Bee's: Child like image and text for a kids friendly feel
Cottage Fayre Foods: Logo redesign based on existing logo
Cycling Generation: 2 generations of bikes.... big bike and it's little bike!
House of Che Che: Fashion label based in Dublin & Manchester
Kenmo Plumbers: Ken & Mo, wanted their names to be visible in the company name
M Saul: An 'S' created by two drops representing the pumping from the ground to the air
Stunning Nips Mosaics: Manchester based artist creating mosaics from broken tiles
Lolli Cakes: Illustration of a 'cake pop'
Mini Sport: Celebrating 60 years of the Classic Mini
Mini Sport: Special 50th anniversary edition of the Mini Sport logo (2017)
Oasis Flower House: Based on existing font, the client wanted it to be a logo
Sarah Keegan: 'Comic' Illustration of Sarah created in illustrator
On Track: Light at the end of a rainbow for this mental health organisation
The Owl and the Pussycat: Vintage style tea rooms
Scissor Sisters Hair Salon: Bold logo created for the sign over the shop
3 R's: Keep repeating the 3 R's... Keep repeating the 3 R's...
Shabana: Distinctive brief from the client
Burnley Borrowdale: Simplified version of existing club crest
Spatial Strategies: Mapping company - The 2 S's were made to look like rads on a map
Personal Project: Logo Created using my daughter's initials
Personal Project: Logo Created using my son's initials
Paul Hart Design: Initials in shape off a 'Heart'
British Mini Club: 30th Anniversary Logo
Mini Sport: Corporate logo combining the existing flag, a Mini and the website
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